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Receive Funds against an LPO.

  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • No Security
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Why LPO Financing from Indo Africa?

What differentiates Our LPO Financing  from our competition? The key is our proven, customized and innovative approach to LPO financing. With a clear understanding of your business needs, our product is specifically structured to enable you to have liquidity and focus on growth.




Our superior service is a result of.

  • Quick turnaround as we have our own credit committee.
  • Larger breadth of credit because we are not a bank
  • Increased contract flexibility because we are not a broker or a bank
  • We understand Technology Finance – for more than 20 years

How it Works?

Getting an LPO Financing

  • Online Application Pesent the LPO and Fill in the application Form.
  • Submit Required Documents Submit your ID Copy, Copy 6 Months bank/M-Pesa statement , Open IAF Account, Refferal document.
  • Checking Your Application We'll Review Your Affordability & Conduct Our Checks
  • Get Your Money If Your Application Is Successful, the we will go ahead and disburse the funds into your account.


  • Present the LPO in Person
  • Account with IAF
  • Referral by staff or client
  • 6 Months bank/Mpesa statement
  • Provide Alternative Security
  • Max Tenure 3 Months

Top questions people ask us about LPO Financing

LPO financing allows clients who have obtained purchase orders or letters of award to deliver goods and services or to carry out contractual works

  • LPO from reputable firm.
  • Copy of an acknowledged invoice or payment voucher, to support the LPO.
  • Copy of company certificate of incorporation/ Business Registration certificate
  • Client to open an account with IAF
  • PIN certificate of the Company/ Business
  • ID copy and PIN certificate copy of the director(s)/ owner(s)
  • Six months certified bank statements for the company/ business
  • Duly filed and signed business application form
  • Duly filed and signed  agreement
  • Maximum LPO  to Finance is 500,000/=
  1. Client must present the LPO in person
  2. LPO must be issued and payable to registered business, companies or institutions
    not individuals.
  3. LPO must be issued to the person and or director presenting the same for
  4. Client to open an account with IAF
  5. Referral by staff or client
  6. Client must show evidence from own bank statements where previous cheques have
    been banked and cleared.


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